Why is cognac itself such a big brand and not Armagnac?

The other day someone came up with the question, hey why isn’t Armagnac such a big brand.. and why are only the cognac houses so famous? Well… good question. The cognac houses have a long tradition of marketing and export – the dutch merchants back in the 19th century exported to the Netherlands, the English to London and so on.

Cognac is not the better product but it has the better brand and most certainly the better communication. It’s quite simple. The top houses like Courvoisier, Hennessy, Remy Martin and Martell are world famous – but can you name an Armagnac producer or brand? No you can’t . but you think of even more cognac brands such as Conjure and Camus. Yes, that’s just the truth. Armagnac will probably never catch up with cognac’s fame and now it’s already too late. The marketplace is taken by cognac, and its little brother Armagnac remains in the shade.

Bas Armagnac

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    Sssshhh! Don’t tell everyone about Armagnac, they’ll all want some! I sell Armagnac from Baron de Lustrac, Baron de Sigognac, Clos Martin, Domaine Boingneres and Janneau. At a push customers (I’m in the UK) will have heard of the last two but none of the others. Most of our sales are driven by people buying single vintage Armagnacs for birthday / anniversary gifts. I also wonder if Armagnac has the sort of quantity of production that Cognac does. I suspect it is no where near it

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