Courvoisier VSOP

For many years the cognac had the image as an old man drink with a cigar – the best coffee for women. But that is history, as it turned out that this practice destroys the bouquet and flavor rather than strengthened. However, is still correct, you enjoy it better in a tulip shaped glasses.

The Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif was designed specifically for mixing. This beautiful bottle and light smooth taste gives it a more contemporary feel. “V.S.O.P.” stands for “very superior old pale” and is one of the best Courvoisier best-selling cognacs. It is aged at least four years and is about $65 for a standard bottle.

Rich and golden in colour this is a well matured blend with floral, spice, vanilla and gingerbread aromas. Its smoth and delicate with a long subtle finish.

Courvoisier VSOP

Courvoisier VSOP

“Cognac is almost always a mix, a blend product. We do not sell our old vintages because they preserve the spirit of our founding forefathers,” said Renaud de Gironde Hennessy. “Wedo a blend of different vintages, so that the same potential weaknesses of individual winesand get a taste of this example was 30 years. If we create change rather then a whole newproduct.”

Some personal notes on the Courvoisier VSOP:
Upon the cognac hitting my stomach I got a warm feeling from my stomach up to my throat and a very pleasant aftertaste. Courvoisier is not the kind of drink that you rush. I generally tend to have larger drinks rather than sips, but the aftertaste is so amazing you have to savour it a little.

The cognac itself is an a very smart bottle, dark in colour with a gold top, giving it a very regal look. I could not comment on the price of this cognac as I did not buy it, and as it is rude to ask, I can only assume that it was expensive going by the look of the bottle and the amazing taste.

Following my first taste I tried a second glass topped with Baileys which was quite nice, but be warned, this is rocket fuel! Any more than two of these and your head is fine but your legs stop working!

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