Video of Hennessy XO and VSOP

Cognac is 40% ABV and is ready to drink right from the bottle. There is no need to add water to a cognac…other Brandy might require this…but Cognac is pretty much a set in stone flavor. It is intended to be sipped slowly to allow the drink to open up and unlock flavors from first sip to the last. The snifter glass is warmed by the hand and allows for a very fragrant drink. Modern culture drinks Cognacs in cocktails like…2 shots cognac..4 parts Coke…2 large lime slices 🙂

Join us for this episode as Ken Gargett chats with Renaud de Gironde from Hennessy, who has promised to take us all through the fascinating world of Cognac – and in particular, Hennessy VSOP and Hennessy XO.

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Let us know your thoughts on Cognac, or what you like or dislike regarding these two particular styles from Hennessy by leaving a comment for us below.


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