About the Remy Martin House

Rémy Martin Cognac is a cognac brands that should be named amongst the oldest and most recognized cognac estates in the world. Together with Hennessy, Rémy Martin is the second biggest player in cognac business in 2011. It’s part of the Rémy Cointreau S.A. group.

Originally a winegrower founded the company in 1724. He implanted a strong family tradition. Similar to Martell this cognac house will celebrate their 300 years birthday soon.
In the early nineteenth century Remy Martin created their first Grande Champagne and the first Fine Champagne Cognac . Approximately around this time the emblem of the house, the Chrion centaur, got born. It stands for the the union of heaven and earth, but also man and nature. This emplem symbolizes all the all the know-how and high class of the Remy Martin’s house.

On of the most popular product is the “Remy Martin V” but also the classic VSOP.

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