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Ekstra Modnet Gilde Juleaquavit

Ekstra Modnet Gilde Juleaquavit

This is the first version of Ekstra Modnet Gilde Juleaquavit, a vintage aquavit that has been allowed to stray extra long in sherry casks. This gives the aquavit a unique taste and makes it a perfect ending to any Christmas meal.


Francuz Designed by Motto | Country: Ukraine

Francuz Designed by Motto | Country: Ukraine

A completly different style but unique too. From the bottle design similar to the A de Fussigny VSOP

“We used Jules Verne’s stories for general theme and concept of adventure. This particular label was hand-drawn to show hand-made aesthetics. And slightly old-print style with artificially made bleeding and press gain. The shape of bottle was made considering the fact, that people buy drink during travel; and this bottle fits well any suitcase or back pack.”


Fleur de Lis Designed by StudioIN | Country: Russia

Fleur de Lis Designed by StudioIN | Country: Russia

A very feminin bottle characterized by the shape of the bottle and the elegance of lines.
“The use of an uncharacteristic cognac cap is not only convenient but practical.”

Here I can think of a Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Cognac

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  1. postal rates #

    More Terroir Gin ready for bottling tomorrow. & Mandarin Vodka on Wednesday. And we just bottled Pear, Raspberry & Kirsch eaux de vie. Busy!

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