Cognac Camus

Camus Cognac was founded 1817 by Thomas Hine (1775-1822). It’s located in Jarnac. Camus has a kind of English tradition, elegant and refined. Their emblem – a deer lying – which was officially introduced in 1867. Some have a copy of an old English word “Hind”, the deer is seen. But there is no support for this attractive hypothesis.

Once, George Thomas Hine, the head of the time, wrote in a letter: “If we need something other than our brand on our devices, could we take a deer.

Since five generations this cognac house is still one of the modern ones in the business. Their list of products starts with classic XO, VSOP and VS Cognac but also with vintage, Prestigne and Napoleon cognac.

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If you want to visit this great cognac house – do so. it’s possible sinc late 2005. Camus Cognac allows shows a inside all year around but please contact them before.

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