Cognac Park – A unique product of pure simplicity

Famous the  elegant, light character and it’s delicate taste.

Originally, Dominic Park started a wine trade 10 years ago in  London. In the early 90s, he  decided to move to France and create a new cognac house. His idea was straightforward and above all genuine, to create pure distillates presented in simple packaging. The cognacs of park stand out clearly from the stereotypical sweet cognacs with a lot of caramel.  The style of the house Cognac Park is the simplicity and purity of products. Park uses neither caramel nor Boisé (a tannin) which is often added to simulate a long wooden cask storage. The cognacs of parking is light with flavors of stewed fruits and show, honey and vanilla. There are also depending on the type of tobacco and leather notes that were derived from the barrel extension. All cognacs from the park are older than they should be prescribed by law.

The style and presentation of Cognac Park remain unique.   The artisan and unadelterated style of Cognac Park make it and exceptional and pure product.

Popular Products:
Cognac Park V.S. 3 1/2 years in oak
Cognac Park V.S.O.P. 8 years in oak
Cognac Park X.O. 20+ years in oak
Cognac Park Cigar Blend Vieille Fine Champagne
 Cognac Park 1er cru Vieille Grande Champagne

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  1. Andy #

    This idyllic pocket of France and its growing regions are well-represented by the high quality of cognac Park as it is made from grapes that have been carefully selected to ensure only the best eaux-de-vie destined for its fabrication. Free of pesticides, the growing process is kept as natural as possible. Every step of the process involved in the foundation of the Park cognacs is carried out with the utmost attention from the pressure applied to the grapes during pressing to the selection of the eaux-de-vie ready for distillation. The cognac appellation is a special region nestled in the Southwest of France. With six growing areas each producing grapes with varying characteristics, cognac is produced according to strict methods of distillation and ageing adhering to historic tradition. Cognac Park is known for its elegant, delicate, and light character. Producers, growers, and distillers since 1880, the Tessendier family have been the producers of cognac Park since its creation. The artisan and unadulterated style of Cognac Park make it an exceptional and pure cognac.

  2. 2

    Hennessy is the reference cognac and the world’s bestseller. The Hennessey house, established in 1765, is the owner of the largest reserves of eaux-de-vie. It is the only company where the quality of cognacs has been maintained by the same dynasty of the skilled viniculturists – the Fileu family. Consequently it guarantees continuity of the knowledge communication and consistency of the Hennessy style.

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