Difference between cognac brand and producer

Some people ask where can I buy this and that brand from this and that producer? But what is the difference between brand and production? Well, important to know is that the brand is first of all:

  • the bottle of the cognac
  • the packaging of the cognac
  • the name
  • the communication
  • the price per bottle
  • the sales channel / distribution. Where do you buy it!

but not necessarily the product. What that means? Well, a producer can have several brands, positioned in different way. Let’s say the same producer of cognac, basically produces one kind of cognac, but bottles it in different ways. Think about the family of Bache Gabrielsen: they have their Norwegian brand “Bache” and they have a less-un-french sounding brand called “Dupuy”. The last one they can also export to China and Asia, and sell a bit in France.. to the traditional, conservative drinkers; while Bache is the Nordic brand of the house. Basically, the cognac is more or less the same, but the brand is different.

Or if you look at Dutch brand “Guy Joseph” which is Louis Royer cognac, but packaged in for the dutch market (where it’s No.1).

Many people do that, so one would find strange cognac brands one never heard about before in other countries, because importers also just buy bulk cognac and then create their own brand. This can work, sometimes it looks horrible.

Braastad Cognac XO

Braastad Cognac XO

Of course there are single-brand producers who just have one brand, think Maine Giraud, but they also sell their eaux-de-vie to Jarnac’s Courvoisier – that’s a typical contract thing in Charente. Always been like it and won’t change. As the big trading houses often need a lot of cognac, and they basically buy eaux-de-vie and blend it, then brand it with their trademark.

That’s it!!

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    The bnic says: We use the term “Cognac House” to refer to a wholesaler and the term “Producer” to refer to a wine-grower who may also be a direct vendor.

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