Cognac: New fall products 2012

The last weeks were crazy. A lot of new products and a lot of news on new cognac

One of the most exciting news is a gift product, offered in duty free stores called Camus Family Legacy Cognac at a price around $1000 per bottle of 750ml.

Camus Family Legacy Cognac

In creating Family Legacy, the cellar master followed the methods used by all those before
him to select and blend this cognac – using expertise recorded in the ‘cahier de coupe’ kept since the 19th century. This includes the recommendations of Edmond and Gaston Camus who suggested aging in fine-grained, pale-coloured barrels.

Also Courvoisier updated their VSOP and removed the “Fine” tag from their mid-range Cognac. The decision to add Fins Bois grapes is to add more complexity and fruity, floral notes, which will give them more versatile blend more in line with the Courvoisier house style. But maybe it’s just because of the increasing demand from Asia. One overall trend is maybe, that the quality is being compromised in the interests of increasing volumes and profits from the ever rising demand in the far east.

Another great Cognac house, namely Frapin, released the new Frapin Multimillésime No 5 Cognac which will be available from November 2012 on. The fifth edition of the Multi-Millésime edition is a blend of three different vintages, and at 40.7% ABV. The classic “montre” bottle fills 70cl on fine eaux-de-vie. This Multimillesime series has a long tradition, e.g. here you can find out more about Frapin Multimillésime Serie No2 Cognac.

Already in September the brand of Prince Hubert de Polignac reported about their whole new range with their new Prince Polignac Extra XO Cognac launched at a lunch tasting on September 17th. The food on offer was created by chefs, Laurent André et Roberto Rispoli, and, to add to the occasion, the luxury new Prince Hubert de Polignac 888 Trunk that we reported about back at the beginning of August was also on display. The purchase price of Prince Hubert de Polignac Extra XO Cognac is around €350 euros for a bottle.

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    Prince Hubert de Polignac allowed the cognac house H Mounier to use his name for this illustrious brand. And in 1947 the name was officially registered as a trademark.

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    VSOP Reserve Prince Hubert de Polignac réserve VSOP is a pure Grande Champagne blend, anelegant blend comprised of eaux-de-vie exclusively from the Grande Champagne, the best growth of the cognac region. With a price tag of 45€ it can be considered as an upper premium VSOP, at a reasonable price. Some awards: Silver Medal at the international Wine & spirit competition. Silver Medal at the concours général agricole (general agricultural competition) in paris. Awarded 3 stars in the hachette guide.

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