D’usse Cognac – Jay Z or not ?

D’usse Cognac is a completly new product launched in May 2012 by the Chateau de Cognac, that also produces Baron Otard. It looks like it comes directly out of the cellar of a french castle. Knights and so

I’ve visited this great Chateau right in the center of Cognac some month ago and it’s a great place to understand Cognac as a product of excellence.

Chateau de Cognac. Producer of D'usse Cognac

The Brand of both Baron Otard Cognac and D’usse Cognac belong to Bacardi, the largest privately-held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Its brand portfolio comprises more than 200 brands and labels, including the eponymous Bacardi rum.

Just some hours ago I read about beyonce and Jay-Z visiting a D’usse Cognac Event. Still it’s not clear if Jay-Z is the offical spokesperson of the brand of D’usse.

D'usse Cognac (by Jay-Z?)

Talking about the product itself, it’s a VSOP and for my (i tasted it at the Chateau de Cognac), it’s quite punchy, but especially for cocktails it’s quite perfect.

As the marketing strategy is quite unique, they started in New York and moved on to Philadelphia. After these, it probably make its way down the east coast first.. then a roll out later in other states where you then can buy D’Usse VSOP.

To add more fire into the market, he was seen in a private tent with Beyoncé, Aziz Ansari and Ron Howard, unveiling a new champagne and cognac cocktail dubbed the “Ace X D’Usse.” On the back of the enormous hype that’s surrounding his Budweiser backed, ‘Made In America’ music tour, he’s now announced the latest D’Usse Cognac weapon.

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  1. #dominick #

    The brandy is very mild and quite sweet, with lots of apple and vanilla flavor on the nose and body. The finish offers wood character, some cinnamon and caramel notes. This tastes both young and refined at the same time, without a hint of that raw alcohol flavor that is so pungent in many younger Cognacs. It doesn’t offer a ton of complexity, but overall it’s a bargain for a spirit of this quality.

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