D’Usse Cognac VSOP by Bacardi U.S. Launch

Just read the Bacardi launched a Cognac  VSOP in the US called D’Usse Cognac

D’ussé Cognac, pronounced “dew-say,” is a VSOP Cognac that will retail at around $44.99 a 750-ml. bottle. It’s made by Chateau de Cognac, which also produces Bacardi’s Cognac Otard, a brand not marketed in the U.S.

“Furniss-Roe told Shanken News Daily that XO and VS variants of D’ussé could eventually follow, but for now the focus is on introducing the VSOP offering as a versatile Cognac intended both for sipping and as a cocktail base. Bacardi believes the new brand can have cross-category appeal and entice consumers across the market’s demographic spectrum. “The notion of the Scotch drinker or the Bourbon drinker isn’t really relevant anymore,” Furniss-Roe said, because of newer generations’ penchant for experimenting with a variety of spirits categories.”

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