Hennessy Black Cognac

The Hennessy Black is a mixing cognac. Some people say this cognac targets black people. But we do not know what the marketing department had in mind when creating this cognac. (European launch in Sept 2010 in Frankfurt). It’s originally made for the USA, an urban african american music dance nightlife target group.Although cognac is not a typical mixing integredient, Hennessy Black will come with recipes for variety of mixed drinks

Hennessy Black Video Review

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Hennessy Black Party in Miami

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Advertising for Cocktails with the Henny:

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Cola, Cognac and lemon

Some user ratings:
Yea I wasn’t too crazy about the Black ;although the Hennessy Privilege isn’t too bad. Nothing out does Remy Martin though (1738)….in my opinion anyway

Hennessy Black; not what I expected. I figured it was just a more aged cognac which would make it darker, but it’s actually a fruitier version of Hennessy it seems.

haha. more like an intro to cognac

The price: 
Around 40$ and in europe sometimes even cheaper.   Hennessy Black is a limited line of cognac and will be available in 10 U.S. markets.

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  1. Calvin Watkins #

    I don’t think Hennessy Black is targeted at a certain ethnic group. Though most of the Black gentlemen I know sips/mix this cognac. I do think that Hennessy Black is just another name for Hennessy White.

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